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Second training session for establishments that want to be accredited as a Tourist Information Centers and co-workers • Geoparks

This week saw the second session of CCGeoparc + PIT program, whereby various facilities in the region formed to certify themselves as tourist information and co-workers • of Geoparks. A total of 23 tourism establishments, municipalities, libraries, tourist offices and hotels and restaurants that are receiving training to obtain this accreditation.

The session focused on specific training and teaching on customer service as a factor to highlight the region's tourist experience; and also presented proposals Oleotourism Bages and was acquainted with the offer of the establishment that gave space, Castelladral Hostel.

PIT The program is promoted by the Barcelona Provincial Council and coordinated by the Regional Council of Bages. The goal is to have new facilities and establishments of the region that can provide information and advice to tourists and visitors. In the case of Bages also establishments formed as centers col • employees of Geoparks UNESCO World Central Catalonia, a region with a geology global relevance, which has conditioned the history, culture and development landscape and municipalities. One of the main objectives of the Geopark is precisely sustainable development through geotourism. The designation of UNESCO World Geopark is an excellent opportunity to boost • Lens permanently this philosophy and program PIT + CCBages is one of the opportunities to do so.


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