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Geopark sets an annual training program for the tourism sector

• The first session will take place on July 10 and is part of the training that companies that want to be credited as collaborators of the Geopark

The Geopark of Central Catalonia is launching an annual training program with the aim of making it easier for tourist agents in the area to deepen into the knowledge of Geopark and acquire the necessary tools to integrate it into its offer of activities. It is a formative proposal open to all, but that is especially interesting for all those public entities and private companies that want to be credited as collaborators of the Geopark.

The first training session will take place on July 10 under the title "Creation of a Geopark product". In this session different examples of success carried out in other geoparques will be put on the table with regard to the creation of a tourist product based on the geology of the territory. The experience of a local company will also be known and the evaluation procedure will be explained so that companies and entities can prove themselves as collaborating establishments of Geopark. In fact, this first session is part of the Program for the Commitment to Sustainability and Adhesion to Geopark, the training that companies that want to adhere to Geopark must receive.

The second session will take place on September 25th and will focus on the strategy of geotourism. In this session we will explain how to equip the geological elements that arouse a tourist interest in a discourse that goes beyond the aesthetic fascination for a landscape. In addition, you can learn about the strategy followed by the Garrotxa for the value of its geological heritage.

The last of the sessions will take place on November 29 and, under the title "The rocks do not bite. Basic keys to explain the geology of the house "will offer different activities and resources so that attendees can incorporate geology into their tourist proposal in an effective and simple way and thus complement their offer.

All the sessions of this training cycle are free. For more information, you can consult the Geopark website at www.geoparc.cat

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