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The Geopark invites tourism stakeholders and citizens to discover the secrets of the Valleys Montcau

• The start will take place on Wednesday 21 June and is the first in a series to publicize the attractions of Geoparks Central Catalonia

The Geoparks UNESCO World Central Catalonia invites travel agents in the region who want to have more knowledge to make promotion among its customers to sign up to the exit that will take place on Wednesday, June 21, by Montcau valley. This is the first proposal of a series of trips to publicize the attractions of Geoparks and is also open to all citizens who want to know the territory. The output is free to participate must register through the website of Geoparks (www.geoparc.cat).

The output will start at 9 am from Manresa and the first stop will be at Estenalles, Park of San Lorenzo del Munt i l'Obac, where you can know your interpretation center located in an old house Caminero laborers and where to find information and itineraries of the park to them. Here you can see and touch some of the rocks south of Geoparks better identify which are the result of the accumulation of gravel, sand and silt that forms a delta on the coast of the sea that covered 38 million Catalonia Central ago years. After breakfast, we will continue to Talamanca Castle, from where you can see the evolution of the Delta St. Lawrence as it was plunging into the sea.

The last stop will be a visit to Navarcles the belfry and enjoy the views of the Pla de Bages. This point is ideal for observing the situation of the monastery of St. Benedict in the context of the Llobregat River, an area where an immense meander and describes a series of fluvial terraces that have been used for centuries for farming. The arrival of new Manresa is forecast to 2 pm.

The cycle will continue on September 12 trips to the Rajadell; 30 October, Gavarresa, following the route of wine and salt; and 14 November, which Ignatian Way from Montserrat a Manresa.

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