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This day represents the last session of the Cycle of Technical Days of the Geopark of 2018. It also corresponds to the Workshop of Destination of the program Compromise for the Sustainability Biophere and Adhesion to the Geopark.

More than 800 delegates from the 140 Geoparks as well as other aspiring, professional and institutional territories met at the 8th International Conference of UNESCO World Geoparks. This took place from 8 to 14 September at the Geopark of Adamello Br...

On July 9, the third day of the cycle of training that the Geopark is doing annually took place in Santa Maria d'Oló. This time it was a continuation of those that were made in 2017 around the theme of actions that serve to bring geology and Geopark...

On June 10, about twenty people attended the walk organized by Callús Town Hall, the Geopark. This itinerary went through the eastern sector and complemented to what had been done earlier in the western half. During the course of about 7 km, an inte...

We continue working on the outstanding edition project of a future UNESCO World Geopark Travel Guide of Central Catalonia. The "Petit Futé" editorial specializing in travel guides focused on the French public has visited the Geopark territory to dev...


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