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The UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia and the city of Suria four information panels installed on the geological heritage surienc, besides a sign with the heading 'World Geopark' on the C-55 before the southern access to the city. ...

Saturday evening was a spectacular scene Castelladral tasting opera which closed the first edition of ad libitum which began last week with a concert of classical guitar.   About 85 people attended the tasting, where you could dine ta...

Research on Toll Caves and Cave Toixoneres, have highly relevant scientific data. The researcher Sahra Talamo the Max Planck Institute presents IPHES new dating of cave Toixoneres Moià, in showing that this cave was not present employme...

The presidents of the Bages County Council, Agustin Comas, and the denomination of origin (DO) Pla de Bages, Joan Soler, visited Tuesday 7 June the Old Town and the failure of Migmón within a different tour Geopark municipalities that are p...


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