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The Bages Region is a land of contrasts also in its physical and natural characteristics.

There is a central plain called Pla de Bages, limiting north with the Pyrenees and south with the Pre-coastal mountain range. In the northern half, the transition from the plain to the mountain range is softer than in the south, where the plain turns into the magnificent conglomerate massive of Montserrat, reaching up to 1236m in Sant Jeroni and 1053m in the mountain range of Sant Llorenç de Munt i l’Obac. Both areas are declared natural parks.

The configuration of the Bages region is strongly influenced by the Llobregat river and its tributary Cardener. The population has settled all along the course, specially thanks to industrialisation, due to the use of water for generating energy and operating the machines.

Bages climate characterises by long and hot summers, irregular rainy springs and autumns and freezing cold winters.

This climate combined with the act of men has modelled the landscape of the area. The spontaneous vegetation of Bages has been altered for centuries by vineyards and olive tree plantations, taking the most part of the surface in the late nineteenth century. The best witnesses of this activity are the huts and the vats of wine and the existing wine production protected under the Denomination of Origin Pla de Bages.

After the phylloxera plague in the late nineteenth century, many fields were abandoned, gradually recovering the primitive forest vegetation, although a hundred years in the time scale of a forest, isn’t but a short time. Today the landscape is dominated by farm fields, white pine, black pine and Scots pine, oaks, and in some places as the valley of river Calders, abundant field maple and holly, Italian maple, common whitebeam and wild service tree near Rajadell.


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