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Market XVI edition of School of Moià Prehistory
15/05/2017 - 19/05/2017
Parc Prehistòric de les Coves del Toll de Moià- GEOPARC

Week from 15 to 19 May 2017 will be the sixteenth edition of the Market School Prehistory Moià Park Prehistoric Caves of Toll Moià, which will feature 1,300 children and hundreds of teachers from 25 schools around Catalonia.

The recreració a prehistoric allow these students submerge themselves in the first person Prehistory and learn what humans have gone before us, how they lived and what tools were like Eneco fire, as did face painting to go to hunt, as they hunted bow thruster and, as soon as they left the cave paintings drawn, which ate to celebrate, and what instruments to use fein party.

Also you can visit the Cave of the Pool where they lived all these prehistoric humans and animals, and take a walk to the park extrior Prehistoric Cave and see Toixoneres, upwelling, Cave 4 Dead and recreation huts size Neolithic Bronze age.

This year also, the program Friday on TV3 on 15 May retrensmetrà live from Park Prehistoric Caves of Toll and the audience can feel the experience of visiting the Caves of Toll, archaeological and paleontological first order excavated IPHES the team and see these educational workshops that bring children and children in a prehistoric experience firsthand.


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