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G4 - 4th Geoparc Technical Conference (geo) (B3)
9h a 14h
Sant Salvador de Guardiola

Under the title "What is meant by Geoparc product. Examples and experiences "will be held on September 25 the last technical day of the Geopark in 2018. One of the basic pillars of the Geoparks is to create a strategy for sustainable development that brings together a large part of the resources available in the territory. The way in which this message reaches the visitor to a large extent is from the creation of "Geopark Product". This session will have a workshop format and will present what it is and how to create a Geopark Product as well as examples and proposals that encourage the creation of new articles and identifiable experiences with the Geopark that revert to the promotion of economic activity linked to Geopark . It is a closed training, included in the Program for Adhesion to the Commitment to Sustainability - Biosphere and Geopark, as only the official collaborators can create a Geopark product.





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