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Geopark Fild trip Programm
30/10/2017 - 15/11/2017
9.30 a 13.30h
Geoparc Mundial UNESCO de la Catalunya Central

The excursions will combine the visit to different points of historical, architectural, cultural, natural interest or to artisanal producers or processors, with the story about the geological background to visualize the great potential of geotourism in the framework of the UNESCO World Geoparks.
A Geoparc is a territory with a geology of world relevance, and where this geology has conditioned the history, culture and development of the territory throughout its history. One of the main objectives of the Geopark is the sustainable development of the territory through geotourism.
The designation of the UNESCO World Geopark is an excellent opportunity to definitively promote this philosophy in our territory. Needless to say, the UNESCO seal, of great prestige and international projection in the world, endorses this commitment and offers us the challenge to take advantage of it to project those values that you share with the project under the UNESCO brand.

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