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3a Fira Gastronòmica del Geoparc
De 17h a 21h
Plana de l'Om, Manresa
Get to know, taste and buy the best products from our territory. Geopark is geology, landscape and tourism, but it is also a gastronomy and a product of quality and proximity. Come and discover the best and best of our territory at the 3rd Gastronomic Fair of the Geopark, on Saturday, September 23, in the afternoon, on the Plana de l'Om de Manresa. Look, shuffle, taste and buy. There will be stalls of agro-food products from the Geopark, tasting and tasting. We wait for you! On the one hand, there will be the stops of producers and processors of the Geopark where they can buy all their local products, on the other hand, they can also taste these same products in different formats and elaborations with the collaboration of the chefs of the Stoves Gastronómicos del Bages, the Geopark kitchen group that is committed to earth products and seasonal cuisine.
Productes del Rebost del Bages
La famosa albergínia blanca
Embotits artesans
Horta de tota la vida, natural i fresca
Coneix, degusta i compra els millors productes de la terra del n

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