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The exit will be carried out by the central and southern sectors of Cardona and at the same time around the Salt Mountain of Cardona. The route will descend to the Coromina and will go back to the Cultural Park. In the route you will find continental...

   This is a tour around the village of Navarcles. In this route you will see the deposits deposited in the Eocene Sea, within which is the Navarcles and much of the Geopark of Central Catalonia. In this route, you will go from Navarcles to the ...

Geological exit of recognition of the geological materials of the eastern sectors of the municipal district of Sallent. The route will be from Barri del Guix a la Carrera, to the Can Garret Forn, to the Castelll and back to the Guix. In this itinerar...

  Geological route through the terme de Gaià, it places the northern sectors of the Geopark of Central Catalonia and also the region of the Bages. Along the route of the itinerary, we will recognize the materials that rebuilt the sea that was then...

Next October 15 will celebrate the last exit of the Geopark 2018 Exit Cycle. This exit comes under the name of "Beans, wine and the end of the inner sea" and will take place in the area of Castellfollit del Boix. The route through the surroundings of...


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