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Productes del Rebost del Bages
Coneix, degusta i compra els millors productes del nostre territori El Geoparc és geologia, paisatge i turisme, però també és gastronomia i producte de qualitat i de proximitat. Vine a descobrir el bo i millor del nostre territori a la 2a Fira ...

Flyer de les Experiències pel Geoparc
Durant aquests dies previs a la Festa Major de Manresa us presentem les noves experiències pel Geoparc. Es tracta de viatges d’1, 2 ò 3 dies per descobrir la història del nostre mar interior a través de les segü...

The Geopark of Central Catalonia sets out an annual training program to deepen its knowledge and provide tools to incorporate the narrative in the different activities, with the aim of linking the network of collaboration throughout the territory, on...

Geotourism is the main tool that has a Geopark to develop a sustainable strategy that brings together a large part of the resources available in the territory. The way in which this geotourism reaches the visitor's public is largely based on the crea...

The UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia, in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Barcelona, invites you on 21 June the 1st exit for Geoparks "Valleys Montcau." On this trip we will visit various places of interest geotouristic. This is ...


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