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Under the title "What is meant by Geoparc product. Examples and experiences "will be held on September 25 the last technical day of the Geopark in 2018. One of the basic pillars of the Geoparks is to create a strategy for sustainable development that...

  Between the 8th and 14th of September, the 8th International Conference of UNESCO World Geoparks will be held. It will be held at the UNESCO World Geopark of Adamello Brenta, in the Italian Alps. This event has an attendance forecast of 800 d...

GEOPARC'18 formation series The Geopark of Central Catalonia presents the second edition of the Geopark Technical Conference program. It is a set of 4 morning sessions distributed throughout the year that aims to deepen the knowledge about Geopark a...

Where Artés now has been there, but 37 million years ago (m.), It cut off its communication with the ocean and evaporated, in a hot and very dry climate. In its place there was a large river basin that had no access to the sea, the waters that dropp...

  It will consist of a geological tour of the eastern sectors of the municipal district of Callús. You will be discouraged by the sites of La Tosa and the Castle of Callús, with exit and arrival at the Town Hall of Callús   PROGRAM Start  ...


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