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  • Toll Caves

    Toll Caves
    The Toll caves are formed in limestone rocks from an ancient coral reef aging back 38 million years.
  • Salpetre Caves

    Salpetre Caves
    Montserrat Mountain range, universally known for its shape and its monastery, hides inside a little-known underworld, The Montserrat Caves.
  • The Cave

    The Cave
    Discover the cave where Saint Ignatius of Loyola lived a very important time in his life after walking all the way from Montserrat in 1522.
  • Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt

    Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt
    The landscape of the Park is configured by a great number of constructions such as lime, plaster and tile kilns, built with autochthonous rocks and stones, scattered along the villages and forests.
  • XIX SIMPOSIO sobre Geología

    XIX SIMPOSIO sobre Geología
    XIX Simposio sobre la enseñanza de la Geología Del 11 al 16 de julio de 2016
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